Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Envisioning a new world....

I somehow happened to glance over the copy of USA today that was slipped under my door my door this morning. And it really got me hooked up. Check this out:

New Rules could rock the wireless world

It's just what these oligopolistic bunch of carriers need; a hard kick on their shins. Till date, these carriers have sabotaged the aspirations of millions of customers and got away with it. It's time for some determined action to inject the concept of free-market in their I-need-more-money psyche.

I am asking you, yes you, are you happy with the the quality of service rendered by these companies? If you are, you may be one in a million. There is a real scarcity of quality handsets, and the service is totally unreliable. sample this from my experience, my t-mobile phone works fine in two places (only, if I may add): my home and freeways, and there is no assurance about the later. Most of the other places I travel to, including my workplace, and the hotels I usually stay in, I have to rush out under open skies every hour if I am expecting an important call, just to ensure that I at least get my voice mail. but then, you even pay for listening to your voice mail. Every time. WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT? Most phones have enough memory for a few voice mails to be downloaded, but you never heard of that option, did you. what outlook express did to emails more than a decade back is yet to be replicated by these carriers. Just because they want your hard-earned cents. This is just one example. I am not talking if wi-fi and other techno-zaz that iPhones and likes are rolling out. the iPhone is pretty innovative, but it comes with a price, and it's just the handset. there are absolutely no guarantees about the quality of service. Coming from India, the schemes these carriers offer can at best be said to be of medieval origin, at least in my opinion. And if you are getting sick of my rant, ask yourself one question: Do you get value for what you pay?

I just hope skype or google, even microsoft just buys out the newly-available bandwidth and gives the consumers what they deserve.

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