Friday, September 14, 2007

RD Goes....

Disclaimers are the order of the day when you talk of Indian Cricket.
I am a big fan on RD, the man and the player.
It is 5.00 AM and I am up not to write this blog but wrap up a stupid document that I was supposed to finish yesterday for a customer.
I am no good at writing obituaries.

Now, What the heck happened? Against all my wishes, I ctrl+t to cricinfo, to check on the T20s and the headline says RD has resigned! How, why, OMG...Why does it always have to happen before we are to play Aussies? The curse of Oz, a particular willophile friend of mine might say. The other day I was discussing RD's captaincy with this friend of mine, and we kinda concurred that it leaves a lot to be desired, the decision to bat first in the decider at Lords being one of them.

Did I tell you that hindsight was a funny thing, and most of our decisions will be looked upon by future generations (if at all) in shock. But now that he has resigned, discussing what he did as the Captain of team India (as all the media has cried horse to tell me this technically fallacy) is a moot point. Pawar and Modi, for all your marketing crap and minting gold with the viewership, people might call you the best CEO or salesman in Corporate India. But tell me your one contribution to the cause of improving Indian cricket. You guys suck when it comes to leading: your man-management is horrible, and some of your policies an utter shocker ( I am not going to rant about a monopolistic, power-starved regime of yours in my blog). So you couldn't anticipate what was coming, could you. Well, frankly I don't expect any better. Enough of my rants; BCCI, the sooner you would dissolve yourself, the better it would be for the game of cricket in India. Period. Why in another post, I got that doc to complete.

Let's look at some recent captains and the way they have exited the stage

Kapil Dev - never saw eye to eye with SMG - and although you lead us to glory unsurpassed, thankfully you did not choose to prolong your captaincy for as long as your career (as far as i recall of those days).
SMG - Again, power hungry, and monopolistic, I can't recall how you left, on various occasions.
BSB - No idea how you got there in the first place, lol!
GV - This is no place for gentlemen, as I realize today!
DBV - no idea what he did as Indian captain.
RJS - Nipped in the!
KS - Tried your best to stick, but the glue had a limited shelf life
MA - After a long tenure, you should have known when to leave, but left it to the messiahs to make the decision, and didn't push come to shove the second time?
SRT - So unhappy when the old order was established, and all those senti stories in the media didn't make you look as innocent as you have told us u are. Thankfully, u knew better the second time.
SCG - For all the good you did to the Indian psyche, you should have known that it was too stressful a job for anyone to retain his sanity after 5 years in the seat. We prefer communists wearing chappals to the parliament than Chappel showing us the middle finger. And you didn't come out of that nasty exchange with your head held high.
RSD - For a man with a cooler mind than anyone in the list, you probably knew better than most of your distinguished predecessors

(Vaas bowls a wicket maiden first up as Kenya chase this is not a 50 over match) .

Now that leadership question will be discussed all over print and electronic media, chat forums with the wise offering all gyaan, come on, take your pick, who should succeed RD. In the past, BCCI has chosen to stick to the senior people, and if they go the same way, either of Sehwag, Yuvraj or MSD is a choice (I am keeping it safe for now, lol.). I just hope they don't go back to SRT or SCG or VVS (in tests). But different captains for tests, ODIs, and may be T20s as well would sure be a one way to cool off the hot seat. Take your pick BCCI, prove me wrong, prove it to me that you got a brain that could manage people and not just dollars.

I am going back to writing that stupid document. Did I tell you I love Fridays?

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